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Group Tutoring

Our expert teachers will help you improve your English pronunciation so that you can be easily understood by other English speakers. You will practice developing correct sounds, tone and fluency through fun and interactive activities that are customized to your needs. 
45 minutes
1-8 students

Each group tutoring session lasts for 45 minutes and takes place over Zoom.

Have engaging conversations with a small group of other language learners, plus a native English-speaking teacher.

This group tutoring course is appropriate for intermediate to advanced language learners. 

Learn English 100% online for only $19 USD per group tutoring session.

Personalized Learning

Each lesson will be customized to match your learning style and goals.

Immediate Feedback

You will receive personalized corrections on your language usage during each lesson.

Native Teachers

Learn from expert, qualified teachers who speak English natively.
English Tutoring with pinnacle Academy

Meet our Teachers


Iowa, USA
Alison taught English to university students in China for three years. She now works as a speech-language therapist. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Hearing Science and a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology & a TEFL certificate. 


Colorado, USA
Abby began teaching English in 2001, and has taught in the USA, China, Thailand, Mexico, and also has over a decade of online teaching experience. She has a Masters in TESOL and degrees in English Literature and Spanish Language. 


michigan, USA
Martha has 17 years of teaching experience. She has taught high school English, at a university in China, and at a community center in Chicago’s Chinatown. She holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in English Education, and has a TEFL certificate.


Ohio, USA
Shannon received her Masters in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She has taught ESL for over seven years and specializes in pronunciation and cross-cultural communication. 


Alabama, USA
Callie taught for North University of China before moving to Morocco to teach Business English. She received her BA in Anthropology from Auburn University and her master’s degree from Samford University. She also has her TESOL certification.


illinois, USA
Leona has been teaching English since 2010. She has taught in China, Oman, Boston, and Chicago, IL. She has an MA in TESOL, and has presented for educators at the 2022 TESOL International Convention, and 2023 IACEA Conference. 
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1. Select a Tutoring Type

Explore our tutoring types and select between Conversational, Integrated, Pronunciation, & Test Preparation.
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2. Select a Native English Teacher

Select a teacher, then click "Book a Session" to view that teacher's calendar of availability.
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3. Pick a Date & Time

Select your desired date and time on the teacher's calendar. Then, you will be taken to a payment portal, where you will enter your payment information.
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4. Learn English & Transform Your Life

Group tutoring will strengthen your English skills through exciting conversations and activities with a small group of other English learners.