Word Combinations

In this 10-part course, you will learn to use word combinations called collocations. Collocations are words that go together to create a specific meaning (for example: "break a leg," "break up," or "break the ice").

These lessons will teach you how to use common collocations to help your English sound fluent and natural. You will learn new phrases, listen and repeat for pronunciation practice, and test your knowledge of the content.
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    Learn English Word Combinations

    English Word Combinations

    Learning Objectives

    By the end of each lesson you will know how to use a new word in English and its many different collocations.
    • Lesson 1: Come
    • Lesson 2: Give
    • Lesson 3: Do
    • Lesson 4: Go
    • Lesson 5: Get
    • Lesson 6: Have
    • Lesson 7: Keep
    • Lesson 8: Take
    • Lesson 9: Make
    • Lesson 10: Break
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    Course Lessons