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Don't let language be a barrier to achieving your dreams.
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40+ Years of English Education Experience

For over four decades, Pinnacle Academy has provided quality English education through well-trained and experienced educators. Our online platform is designed to provide meaningful interaction between students and instructors, much like an in-person learning experience. 

Native English-Speaking Teachers

All Pinnacle Academy teachers are TEFL certified, with extensive in-person overseas teaching experience. Over 60% of our instructors hold advanced degrees.

Intentional & Interactive Online Learning

Our materials have been carefully created and curated for online delivery, ensuring a seamless and engaging learning environment. Our online platform gives you the flexibility to complete classes anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace.

Programs for Individuals & Organizations

We believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone; our online platform provides opportunities for individuals and teams anywhere in the world to grow in their English proficiency.
What we offer

100% Online English Education

English proficiency unlocks a world of opportunities. Our courses will provide you with the language skills you need to succeed.
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On-Demand Courses

Learn English anytime, anywhere with our flexible on-demand online courses.

Online Tutoring

Practice your English through personalized live lessons with native teachers.

English for Organizations

Empower your employees with customized English training programs.
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1. Select English Courses That Match Your Goals

Explore our courses and create a plan to achieve your personal language learning goals.
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2. Build Confidence & Fluency in English

Connect with an expert teacher and practice your English in a personalized & relaxed environment.
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3. Transform Your Life

English education is an investment that will impact your career, your education, your family & your life.
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