Pinnacle Academy Was Built for Online Learning

As a reaction to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions were quickly forced to go online. This resulted in unprepared teachers doing their best to make their in-person material work in the digital space. This quick transition was not ideal, and in many ways individuals' learning was affected negatively.

  • Pinnacle Academy is Different!
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    Our Response

    We saw these issues and knew there was something we could do about it. All of our materials have been created intentionally for an online English classroom. Our experienced teachers have been trained and educated, not just in education and language acquisition, but specifically in teaching students effectively online.

  • Student centered
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    From Start to Finish

    We are student centered. Our teachers allow time in their digital classrooms so students not only learn English, but also get to know their fellow language-learning students and their teachers on a deep level. Our teachers take their students' individual needs seriously and curate their courses to help each student receive a personalized and holistic English language education. They are available for questions, comments, and practice, just as an in-person instructor would be.

  • on-demand
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    More than Following a Script

    Because our teachers are doing more than following a script, they are able to provide real-time, helpful feedback. When a student is taking an entirely live course, or one that has on-demand components, they are working with a real person who gives clarity and further recommendations. Unlike many on-demand services, students aren’t just told their answer is wrong; error correction is used as a learning experience to explain WHY the answer is incorrect and how they can improve.

  • Feedback driven
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    Experienced Teachers

    A natural byproduct of being student centered and feedback driven is that we provide opportunities for incidental learning. This means that as you go through your courses with Pinnacle Academy, your teachers are looking out for the things they can teach in the moment. Perhaps they notice a word that needs some pronunciation help and while that particular course may not be focused on pronunciation, they will take the time to help anyway. All of our teachers have worked overseas and have experience with international students and communication. They are experienced and ready to address student needs in the moment rather than sticking to the lesson at the expense of student learning.

  • Best online learning experience
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    Educational Institution

    We are not an educational institution that is being forced online; we are going there intentionally. We are taking steps to make this the best online learning experience you’ve ever had! Pinnacle Academy is the best choice for your online education because we have designed our whole institution around providing you with the highest-quality online English education. We can’t wait for you to start your English language journey with us!

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